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INCUBA has created three unique business environments at three different locations in Aarhus, housing a total of more than 200 companies. Most of the companies are active in the fields of IT, cleantech or healthcare. Having an office at one of our locations draws you into a large network of like-minded, innovative and scalable enterprises. We work closely with Aarhus University, business-promotion stakeholders, investors and the established business community for the benefit of our companies.



Culture Workspace is an entrepreneurial movement and a co-working space located at two attractive locations by the Aarhus Habor. The project aims to enable every party involved by increasing their network exponentially and letting them build on each other’s unique skill set. We are a rapidly grow-ing community of creative souls in almost every industry code. EXPLORE 



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In the very top of Lynfabrikken you will find our roof terrace and coffee shop. A very special haven that sets the scene for infor-mal conversations, business meeting and those in need of a change of scenary. Moving further down the stairs you come across the home of a number for small businesses, that rent a space at LYN-fabrikkens office hotel. This unconventional work space gives them the opportunity to share their experiences, idea and breaks with each other. We like to share the very special energy and exiting framework of LYNfabrikken with even more people than we can possibly fit in our coffee shop and office hotel.



Voxeværket is a place with a strong community and provides a good an healthy environment for your company. At this moment we have about twenty office hotels in Denmark, with more than 350 leaseholders. We believe in diversity and that’s why we have different type of companies, all from accountants, web and IT-companies to masseuses, painters, entrepreneurs and consultants. We hope to see you, and give you a warm welcome at your new office.



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Officelab Kirstinelund is a co-working space with a network of over 200 companies. We strive to make it easier for our tenants to run their business so they can focus solely on growth and development. You get the perfect combination of a tailored work environment and an engaging network of professionals sharing experience and know-how.





Studentervæksthus Aarhus is an inspiring environment characterized by an informal atmosphere where you can meet people with various backgrounds and competencies and with a shared passion for entrepreneurship. As part of Aarhus University (AU) we offer free workspace for AU-students who wants to work with their own start-up – regardless of their specific study-related background.



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Venture Village is an office community that revolves around internal network, gourmet coffee and company growth. We share a culture, where we prioritize internal presentations, so we know each other in the network, advice over lunch every day and spending time decorating the place together.  We have 25 individual offices 8-37 m2 besides common areas and meeting rooms. Drop by, the coffee is good.