#AARSOME is an independent  grass-root movement aiming at creating a brighter future for technology entrepreneurs in Aarhus. As an organisation we aim at connecting local startups with the best range of opportunities for growing their companies.

True magic happens when the right ideas crash together in collaboration and we believe that a sense of community can empower the future prosperity of Aarhus.

Our mission is to build a vibrant ecosystem around technology startups and make the entrepreneurial journey in Aarhus much smoother.


What is #AARSOME?

#AARSOME is a movement. We dream of building a better future for entrepreneurs and startups in Aarhus. Connecting our local startups with the right opportunities to grow and thrive. Igniting a fire in the community and start the entrepreneurial revolution in Aarhus. Providing investors with a sufficient deal-flow in order to produce better results. Connecting the ones who ‘do’ rather than say and make our ecosystem much more accessible. All of the above is the vision on top of which we’ve build #AARSOME. Ambitious? Very much indeed, but join the movement and we’ll make it happen together!


How can I get involved?

ou can get involved in several ways depending on how much love you have to share.

Create buzz Include #AARSOME in your social media posts and start interesting discussions, helping us spread the word about Aarhus.

Newsletter: Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to get the weekly updates from the startup scene in Aarhus and start engaging with other enthusiasts.

Super(wo)man: Are you interested in sharing your competences, expanding your startup community skills, experience and network by helping out a truly historical movement and that is backed by some of the most promising startups to ever come out of Denmark? Then you have come to the right place. Learn more about opportunities to support #AARSOMEs mission here.


How can I spread the word about #AARSOME?

Come along and join the conversation! Use the hashtag in your social media posts, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and share our content with your network. But most importantly; start engaging. Check out our event calendar with all of the cool stuff happening in Aarhus and start to go out and meet likeminded people. Who knows, maybe you’ll have fun along the way.


How does #AARSOME support startups?

Startups are at the heart of everything we do. We try to support them in every possible way within our capabilities and what you are actually seeing here is our main contribution; the platform. Giving local startups a chance to showcase themselves towards potential investors, talented people and future customers will help nourish the potential for growth and success.